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Mandarin Chinese is spoken by more people than any other language in the world yet the dominant language of our times, crucial for international diplomacy, education, research and trade is English. China must have people with a command of English in order to continue to train the new generation of technocrats, raise educational standards, compete on the world stage and sustain the economic and market reforms on which it has embarked. This is why throughout mainland China universities, colleges and schools are looking for people from English speaking countries or those with a very good command of English to come and teach their students many of whom are destined to become future leaders of China. There are now thousands of openings for western professionals particularly teachers of English and other subjects.

For over 20 years we have been sending men and women of vision into China to teach English in universities, colleges and schools. Generations of students have been impacted by our teachers. The opportunity of living and working in China is more than just an opportunity to teach. It is an opportunity to share your life with many who have probably never had the chance to enjoy the privileges you take for granted. The need is for mature men and women who know the Rock on which they stand, and whose leaf is green even in times of drought. Precious opportunities to share with colleagues and students will come to those who know how to give of themselves and inspire trust, who value teamwork and really care for their students. Are you willing to be the one who reaches out? Your reward will be far greater than anything you can imagine.

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'I enjoy taking every opportunity to practise my Chinese and make friends with the local people'

'After working for the social services I felt God wanted me to teach in China where I have now lived several years. I enjoy taking every opportunity to practise my Chinese and make friends with the local people. Teaching is a wonderful opportunity to share good news.'
David, overseas teacher

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